What it means to be a member of the Victorian Farmers' Markets Association:

The vision of the Victorian Farmers' Markets Association (VFMA) is to lead the Local Food Revolution of buying fresh food, direct from farmers at accredited farmers' markets. The Association and its members work to inspire the public to connect with the growers and makers of genuine local produce.

The purpose of the VFMA is to stand up for Victorian farmers, to strengthen the viability of local producers and to jointly defend our food sovereignty through the support and promotion of accredited farmers’ markets.

Principles of VFMA membership:

  • All applicants must agree to support the purpose of the VFMA and the VFMA's Rules of Association;
  • Applicants accepted for membership by the VFMA Committee are classified as Associate "Non-accredited" Members until they achieve accreditation;
  • All Market Trader Members must be genuine producers.


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