Benefits of VFMA Membership

Our accreditation program provides genuine producers with the opportunity to trade at markets of integrity, uncompromised by resellers and imposters, where the public has confidence that they’re buying from authentic farmers and makers.

Currently over 700 VFMA members trade at 45 VFMA accredited markets.

The VFMA is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Membership fees and market day levies are used solely to administer the accreditation system and support our members.

The Annual Membership Fee of $50 (ex. gst) provides members with:

  • Administration of stallholder & market accreditation
  • Preferred access to better run markets
  • Protection from resellers
  • Stallholder fee discounts at participating markets
  • Access to VFMA’s expert resources
  • Marketing exposure to a weekly mailing list of 9000 subscribers
  • Business profile on the VFMA website
  • Industry newsletter
  • Huge social media exposure
  • Traditional media exposure in publications like The Age and Weekly Times
  • Representation and advocacy at local, state and federal government levels
  • Access to the VFMA Committee and Accreditation Panel to address and mediate concerns
  • Access to VFMA network of market managers and stallholders

Principles of VFMA Membership

The purpose of the VFMA is to stand up for Victorian farmers, to strengthen the viability of local producers and to jointly defend our food sovereignty through the support and promotion of accredited farmers’ markets.

An accredited farmers’ market is a predominantly fresh food and produce market that operates regularly at a public location, which in turn provides a suitable environment for farmers and associated producers to sell their farm origin product and/or associated value-added primary products directly to customers. All applicants for membership must agree to support the VFMA's purpose and Rules. 

Key points about accredited farmers' markets:
  • Without exception, resellers are not permitted at VFMA Accredited Farmers’ Markets
  • Non-food items are not permitted unless of farm origin and sold by the farmer

New members are classified as Associate Members until they achieve accreditation.


Membership Information

VFMA Membership Documents.

The rules that apply to accredited producers and markets are available in the documents below.  Potential applicants should read the requirements for accreditation before considering applying for membership.

Rules 2016_2017
(Adobe PDF File)
Member Benefits Flyer
(Adobe PDF File)

Membership for Producers

Farmers' market stallholders enjoy a direct connection with their customers, benefiting from retail returns and customer feedback on their products. As a producer, we encourage you to ensure that you will be able to meet the criteria for accreditation before you apply for membership.  When you sign up as a VFMA member, you join a community that has agreed to core principles of authenticity in local food systems.

Becoming an accredited producer »

Membership for Markets

VFMA Accredited Farmers’ Markets are the key to Victoria’s thriving community of genuine farmers’ markets and we welcome your interest in joining them. Increasingly the public is becoming more conscious of its food choices and looks to VFMA accreditation as a signal that a market’s stallholders can be relied upon to be selling their own locally grown or made product.  As an accredited market, you must understand, apply and support our rules.

Becoming an accredited market »

Membership for Industry Stakeholders

Members of the public are welcome to apply for VFMA membership as industry stakeholders.  This class of membership is generally used by people who work at our farmers' markets but aren't producers.  Long-time supporters of the VFMA also use this class of membership to stay in touch with member-only news and events.

Regulations and guides

In Victoria, all food premises are required to have a Food Act registration from their registering council before selling food. This includes fixed premises, such as cafes and restaurants – but also temporary and mobile food premises such as a market stall or a food van.  Streatrader is the online system for businesses and community groups to register and notify their temporary and mobile food premises with their registering council. 
Streatrader and the Department of Health and Human Services have also produced a Guide to Running a Market Stall in Victoria, providing a good starting point for those interested in becoming part of the farmers' market community.

Country of Origin Labelling at Markets
From 1 July 2018, food products sold to consumers at markets must comply with the origin labelling requirements in the Standard. It is therefore important for market traders to familiarise themselves with these new requirements as soon as possible. The ACCC is advising all traders to review the origin claims they make about their products now, to ensure they have compliant labelling ready to go when the new rules become mandatory.  Download the guide for markets, below, or go the ACCC website for more information.

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