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The Victorian Farmers' Markets Association is a not-for-profit association. We develop, support and lead a network of farmers, makers and markets, contributing to thriving, sustainable communities.

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International Heritage Breeds Week takes place annually during the third week of May. Its primary objective is to increase global awareness about endangered heritage breeds of farm animals.

These breeds hold historical significance, but unfortunately, they are gradually being supplanted by more “improved” versions in modern animal farming practices. As a consequence, there has been a significant decline in genetic diversity among these animals.

Preserving these unique and valuable breeds is crucial because genetic diversity contributes to resilience against diseases, environmental changes, and other challenges. Let’s celebrate the rich heritage of our farm animals and work together to protect their future!


Eleven livestock species are classified as Heritage breeds - donkeys, cattle, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

Farmers markets play an important role in preserving rare and heritage breeds. 

Sales of produce and products from heritage breeds support farmers in their effort to protect endangered and rare breed species.

It is critical for farmers to raise rare and heritage breeds because it enhances genetic diversity in the livestock, which provides security to the agricultural sector.

VFMA Accredited Markets sell produce from rare and heritage breeds.

To find out more about heritage breeds in Australia, go to

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