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Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Simon and the Team at Schulz Organic Dairy are celebrating! They recently announced the awesome achievement of ONE MILLION returned and refilled ‘Milk in Glass’ bottles.



Demonstrating Value

Vibrant farmers' markets are valuable places. Shoppers regularly identify both the products on sale as well as the great sense of community as key values that attract them.



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Our website is about farmers' markets, about food and it's a celebration of our generous and abundant VFMA community.



Within coo-ee

The Jones family has been growing potatoes in Warragul in West Gippsland for four generations. And if your family has been doing something for four generations, you're likely the inheritor of some accumulated knowledge and expertise.



Shared Priorities

Your VFMA's met recently with Victorian Farmers' Federation president Emma Germano and Victorian meat regulator Primesafe. We talked about doing more together to help small producers.



Celebrate World Bee Day at your local farmers’ market!

World Bee Day raises awareness of the important role bees play in food production and healthy diets. Two-thirds of our food production relies on bees. But bee populations are under threat. Destruction of their natural habitat, intensive farming pract



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