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The Accreditation Program

When buying at a farmers’ market, people can have confidence in the authenticity of producers. i.e. that the person they are transacting with is the person who grew or made the produce. The VFMA Accreditation Program ensures this and provides a solid basis of quality, integrity and fairness to all consumers. The program advocates best practice and celebrates the work of genuine farmers, specialty makers and farmers’ markets. The program ensures the credibility of participants in a proudly transparent process. How are accredited farmers’ markets and stallholders recognised?  Look for the symbol of authenticity!

Accredited markets have worked for the right to display the VFMA accreditation logo.  As part of the rebrand of the VFMA, new logos and banners have been distributed to our member markets across the state, although the old accreditation logo is still a genuine indication of an accredited market.

Accredited Farm-Based Producers

Farmers who grow or raise produce in Victoria or within 100 kilometres of the border are eligible for accreditation as farm-based producers. Following a rigorous assessment process that has been approved by the ACCC, they supply accredited farmers' markets with fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy, eggs, honey and plants.  Farm-based producers may also be accredited to sell value-added products made from their produce, such as sausages, cheeses, olive oil, fruit juice or wine. They may also be accredited to bring non-food products such as leather or wool to sell at markets.

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Accredited Non Farm-Based Specialty Makers

Food processors who source the majority of their primary ingredients from within Victoria are also eligible to become accredited with the VFMA. There is a minimum score that must be maintained by Specialty Makers, based on how local their ingredients are. Specialty Makers supply accredited markets with an enormous variety of local food, such as bread, jams, juices, sauces, coffee, biscuits and cheeses. The process of accreditation for Specialty Makers is complex in order to ensure that high calibre, knowledgeable food makers are valued by customers at VFMA markets.

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Accredited Farmers' Markets

When a farmers’ market is accredited, it will display a VFMA accreditation symbol (look for the tick). For farmers’ markets in metropolitan areas to gain accreditation, at least 90% of their stallholders must be accredited; for regional farmers’ markets, 75% of the stallholders must be accredited. These markets support and endorse accredited stallholders.

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